It is essential that businesses ensure they have the right strategy in place to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on credit and collections.

With many of your customers likely to have been severely impacted by the pandemic, delivering fast and effective credit control to get an understanding of their financial position and identify and address any threats to cash flow will be critical.

Whilst, with a strong economic recovery forecast for the second half of 2021, ensuring your credit and collections processes and procedures are back up and running at pre pandemic levels will ensure your business is in the best financial position to capitalize on any growth in demand.

In order to support businesses through this post-COVID-19 transition period, Barratt Smith Brown have developed a Credit-Control Bridging Service. This high-touch, white-labelled credit-control and customer contact service is delivered in a tone and style sympathetic to your post-COVID customer relationships.

  • Short-term fixed or rolling contracts
  • Simple to implement
  • Results driven

The Barratt Smith Brown Credit-Control Bridging Service ensures you know your customers financial position and can therefore own your cash flow.

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