Collecting outstanding debts internationally provides any business with a unique set of challenges.  Different time zones, languages, currencies, cultures, and regulatory regimes all add to the complexity and make it difficult to manage in-house.

Barratt Smith Brown can provide your business with a comprehensive outsourced global debt recovery and receivables management solution.

Our UK based multi-lingual agents are trained to the highest standard to allow credit control and debt recovery to take place across all continents.  They are easily accessible, so should you have any questions about a recovery project we are working on, or need advice, you can get in touch with us quickly and without delay. Whilst our agents on the ground in over 120 countries, provide that extra level of local knowledge and support when, and if, required.

In all interactions, our agents will demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and knowledge about both the industry and your business. We set high standards and regularly undertake additional training to ensure we stay on top of the latest global debt recovery regulations and techniques.

Our priority remains to get all money owed back as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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