The Barratt Smith Brown Debt Recovery Legal Services team are tenacious in protecting our clients’ rights and work tirelessly to recover our clients monies should the need for legal intervention arise.

We specialise in providing our clients with a smart litigation service that carefully balances risk and reward. Our specialist inhouse legal team work in conjunction with our network of on the ground lawyers in the UK and over 100 countries to review each case on an individual basis and make commercial recommendations to our clients on how to proceed.

The Debt Recovery Legal Services consultation process commences once all efforts at amicable recovery have been exhausted and the need to escalate an account is identified. At this stage, working with our partnership network of solicitors, barristers and legal representatives, we will provide realistic advice on the viability of any claim.

If legal action is pursued, the debt recovery legal services team at Barratt Smith and Brown will guide you on the best legal approach, including risks, costs, and potential outcomes. With their expertise, they will handle the entire legal process, providing support and information to ensure minimal hassle for you and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome in court.


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