Debt collection industry trends

6 Debt Collection Industry Trends for 2022

This article takes a look at the debt collection industry trends we predict will be seen as UK business gets back to normal post the Covid-19 pandemic.  Credit-management teams across the globe will be hoping for an ease from the pressures of maintaining cash flow during the pandemic. However, post Covid-19 the business world has irrevocably…

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Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Energy Prices

As the conflict continues there is growing concern over the impact of the Ukraine crisis on energy prices. With UK and European consumers already experiencing sky-rocketing prices since pandemic there are tangible concerns that the Ukraine crisis will drive them even higher and add to the emerging cost-of-living crisis Russia is the world’s largest natural gas exporter…

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How customer-first collections can build customer loyalty

With growing understanding that future market share will be as much won on customer experience as on product and price, customer-first collections are not only socially responsible but will be critical to building customer loyalty and reducing churn. This article looks at what constitutes customer-first collections and why more businesses should be using this approach…

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