Our Insolvency & Creditor Services Team has extensive experience in supporting both large blue-chip corporations and smaller sole-trader clients. We aim to relieve the administrative burden from the creditor of processing insolvency correspondence and proxies and to help retrieve any monies owed as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

The key benefits of Barratt Smith Brown’s I&C services are:

  • Ability to implement an end-to-end solution with maximised recovery rates
  • Access to Barratt Smith Brown’s network of cost-effective, highly recommended Insolvency Practitioners
  • Complete transparency –online progress reporting

Our I&C Service process is simple to implement, with clearly defined stages and follow-up procedures:

Stage 1

Client refers debtor 60 days plus

Stage 2

Debtor is profiled, with appropriate public asset searches made

Stage 3

Initial contact made with debtor with the case then referred to one or more of the two following departments for resolution:

  1. Asset Based Lending – look to refinance company using Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending
  2. Debtor Services – negotiate with creditors to agree a payment plan

Stage 4

Litigation / Insolvency Procedures

If no resolution can be reached during stage 3, Barratt Smith Brown’s network of lawyers will fund the disbursements to petition for a winding up/bankruptcy order:

  1. Notification will be supplied within approximately one to two days–enabling the creditor to take full advantage of the annulment process
  2. Insolvency Practitioner agreed based on securing best potential dividend outcome for creditors
  3. Provision of an online Dividend Tracker – providing clients with on-going reporting

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